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Saving Money, One Stitch at a Time

19 November 2008
Knit More, Shop Less

Knit More, Shop Less

My student Brooke sent me—just off the top of her head, no less!—this list of reasons why knitting is going to get even more popular as the economy declines.

Now, I’m not saying she’s wrong here, because she makes some excellent points…but I will say that, as my stress grows, my cravings for both chocolate and new yarn reach shrieking point.

But, hey, it’s worth a try.

The photo to the side here was taken for the upcoming book Pints and Purls: Portable Projects for the Social Knitter.  I need to lose a little weight and sit up straight. Oh, and brush my hair…oy.

See the list, after the jump.

We’ll Knit Because…

  • we can’t afford to go out;
  • it’s green;
  • it’s self-sufficient;
  • it’s soothing;
  • it’s creative;
  • it’s cheap (for some of us);
  • it’s portable;
  • it doesn’t take up any space;
  • you get better at it as you go along, guaranteed;
  • no sore muscles;
  • no risk of injury;
  • it’s a time-filler in lines (doctor, DMV, bread);
  • you can do it indoors or out;
  • you can do it any time of day;
  • it’s nicely addictive for those of us with dependent-type personalities;
  • it’s harmless;
  • it’s not unhealthy in any way to you or anyone you love;
  • you can make gifts;
  • you can make things for yourself;
  • you can make things for your home;
  • if you get good at it, you can make things and sell them (think etsy);
  • if you get good at it, you can make things and sell them on commission (think Friday Night Knitting Club);
  • it’s centering, like yoga, but you don’t have to buy special clothes for it or be able to turn yourself inside out; I could go on and on.

And so could I!  I think my favorite here is the allusion to a bread line.  Did you catch it?

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  1. Elisa permalink
    20 November 2008 10:52 pm

    Brooke does have many good points here but I have to back up to the item on the list “doesn’t take up any space.” Brooke does not have a stash or a number of WIPs?

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