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17 November 2008

If you all haven’t read the Wild Fibers article on knitting addiction…it is very funny. [Although it looks like she knits while bathing…I don’t think I could do that.  I’m too busy falling asleep in the bath.]

Which brings me to obsession and rationalization. Yesterday Danielle showed me the yarn she received in the first shipment of the Hunt Valley Cashmere Aran Afghan club.  Every other month, you receive a shipment of this lovely, buttery, soft cashmere yarn. At the beginning of your membership, you receive a book with the afghan pattern – every shipment contains enough yarn for one square. $48 per shipment for the worsted means $24 a month…which is not terrible but also more than I am spending right now!

Now, people, last week Elisa, Karida, and I created a group on Ravelry (more users added every day!) called WIP Amnesty (rav lnk – join us!), to help all of us finish our Works in Progress. For goodness’ sake, I do not need to start any new projects!  And yet Danielle will not stop blogging about this yarn.  And, oh, it was gorgeous in person.

Nevertheless, I will resist. Need to finish my works in progress! Especially as holidays are coming.

I was on dorm duty all weekend, so got lots of knitting done.  Photos coming soon.

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