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Silver Screen Knits: Today’s the Day

1 October 2013

Marilyn Monroe Sweater

Hurrah! The book is ready. [Marilyn Monroe Sweater, designed by me.]

So, deep breath: Silver Screen Knits, Volume One is available for purchase as an ebook or a print/PDF download combo. You can buy it! I kid you not!

Silver Screen Knits: Volume I (ravelry)

Silver Screen Knits, Vol. One (ravelry)

Silver Screen Knits: Volume I (ravelry)

Silver Screen Knits, Vol. One (Print+e)

Buy on Ravelry

Go to Ecwid to purchase the
Print Book plus PDF download

Obviously, if you buy the book as a Ravelry download, you’ll get it immediately. If you buy the print book, it will be shipped to you on Oct. 21, and you’ll immediately receive a link to download a PDF of the book as well.

I’ve mentioned before that subscribers to the Silver Screen Knits Behind the Scenes list receive a discount on the book; I sent that discount to them over the weekend, but you can still get it if you subscribe now. Additionally, if you purchase the book on Ravelry, you will receive a discount on the print book.

The 10 patterns in Volume One were inspired by some amazing classic movies, including Bonnie and Clyde, The Women, The Philadelphia Story, and Bullitt. The text includes descriptions of the films, memorable lines from each film, and even notes on where knitting appears in some of them.

Elizabeth Taylor Dress

The Elizabeth Taylor Lace-Edged Dress, designed by me.

The patterns in the book were inspired by the men and women who performed in the movies as well as the garments they wore. I started looking into knitting and classic movies because of some beautiful photos of Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, and other stars knitting on set between takes, but the book idea also grew out of the chic garments of the golden age of Hollywood and a bunch of fascinating movies, some of which we still watch today, and some of which we ought to.

As most of you know, this book has been in progress for a while, as I got permission to use film stills and lined up designers and yarn companies to participate, found an amazing photographer and stunning graphic designer, and stalked them all until they agreed to be part of the book. It took some time to pull together, but I am really excited about the result.

Faye Dunaway Traveling Top

The Faye Dunaway Traveling Top, designed by Danielle Romanetti of Fibre Space

I launched the sales of the ebook and the preorders of the print book over the weekend, but waited a few days both to give list subscribers a chance to order and to make sure that everything was working properly before really announcing it here. Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered already – I am bowled over every time an order comes in.

I had a lot of help on this book. Danielle of Fibre Space and Karida of Neighborhood Fiber Co. told me that it could and should happen, and then they talked me through all kinds of anxiety while I made it happen…and then they contributed patterns and helped me find other designers and yarn companies to get involved.

Meryl Streep Cardigan

The Meryl Streep Lace Cardigan, designed by Ann Weaver.

Ann Weaver has been involved in so many different aspects of the book, from designing patterns for Volumes One and Two to giving me feedback on my designs to modeling the sweater she designed and then becoming our model for several other garments as well.

Can you believe how cool knitters are? I just love them. Thank you, all of you, for helping make this book happen.

Joan Crawford Skirt

The Joan Crawford Trumpet Skirt, designed by me.

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  1. Liz permalink
    1 October 2013 9:22 am

    Must be serendipity that Marilyn Monroe is on the front page of today’s New York Times! That is a beautiful sweater.

  2. Tegan permalink
    1 October 2013 9:59 am

    Absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to get my copy. Now the hard choice, do I want a book or an ebook. Hmmmm

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