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Right As Rainbow: More FOs, and Prize Winners

30 September 2013

Yes, it’s the post you’ve all been waiting for: the winners of our Spud & Chloë prizes.

First, a few more finished Right As Rainbow cardigans:


alcbrooks is finished!


scattyparis is finished!


amchart is finished!

And look at even more of them over on the Ravelry discussion thread. We’ve had several people come out of the woodwork in the final days, which is really exciting.

One wonderful thing about this pattern is how flexible it is – the different choices of colors and modifications really show that off. Check out the various projects on Ravelry to see how many different ways you can make this cardigan. Excitingly, Stephanie is working on adult sizing for the pattern, so pretty soon we might need to do this again.

And now…the prizes.

Prize One! For a random person who began the cardigan. The Random Number Generator, well-known to those who read this blog regularly, chose alcbrooks, whose sweater is among the FOs above (I love those buttons, don’t you?).

Prize Two! For a random person who finished the cardigan. The RNG chose ewehinger – who, coincidentally, lives very near my hometown of Chevy Chase, Md.

And…drumroll…Prize Three! The creativity prize goes to the divine Sallywool. Having seen this sweater in person, I can tell you that Stephanie made a fantastic choice. Here’s what she says about Sally’s cardi:

Sally Stripes

Sally wound strands of yarn around a piece of cardboard to test out different color combinations. Simple, yet ingenious.

Sally FO

Sally’s finished sweater – on a more willing model than mine.

Sally in Progress

Sally’s sweater in progress at the Great London Yarn Crawl, where she was a volunteer leader.

I LOVE how [Sally] added rainbows to the wrist and waist. There is so much color in her sweater.  She even added a little extra zing by adding buttons that alternate color. She made a lot of very conscious color decisions…ones I never would have thought of. Her cardi is full of surprises. It’s rainbow-tastic!

Thank you all so much for joining me on the crazy ride that this knitalong has been, and especially thank you to Catherine, my co-conspirator, and to Spud & Chloë, for offering such amazing prizes. Hurrah for all of you…I do love how knitters are willing to do crazy things together.

So tell me in the comments – would you want to do this again? What kind of pattern would excite you?

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  1. 30 September 2013 9:42 am

    well this has been the week from the Darkside for me! Someone must have sent a telegram via the Blue Bird of Happiness! First I was soooo excited that I joined the others who love your work and that fun personality that glows out. Then I read about the KAL. To late to join in the fun there. Ya’ll were almost finished so had to be content to see all the cute sweaters. What wonderfully creative women! The one thing I did think I managed to get in on was the Sohpia Loren-Happy-Bday sweater fun that popped up. I had mad a copy of that pattern beforei I even signed up and started receiving your posts. When that appeared in my in box, I couldn’t stop smiling. I went o line found my colors from what is available now and hopped on over to ravelry and started to set up my very first project! Ohhhhh it was sooooo much fun. I had everything in place and had even put some comments in.. The next morning when I got on ravelry and pulled up my project everything was gone! all the yarn colors and comments and all that was left was the name of the sweater and the date I posted it in there. I wanted to cry. Then this morning, after seeing all the sweaters and reading this and that could help but feel very humbled to be a very small part of such a great community of women and that there are wonderful designers who love to share their thoughts and ideas. Soooo all that blather said, Kudos to Everyone! Oh, by the way, when will that next KAL be? I’ll be ready!:)

    • 30 September 2013 9:53 am

      Hi, Kirsten! Welcome, welcome! So glad you are here, and sorry about the Ravelry woes…

  2. Tegan permalink
    30 September 2013 10:38 am

    Beautiful sweaters all around! I found your blog just as this started but didn’t have any good stash to use so I opted out. I’d love another baby sweater KAL though. They just work up so delightfully fast.

    My suggestion/request would be a KAL for the Baby Surprise Jacket. I love the pattern because you get such amazing varieties. Though the Tulips jacket is awesome too.

  3. Liz permalink
    30 September 2013 6:33 pm

    I would love to do this again and get involved sooner. However, I don’t have any little ones to knit for so I might opt for an adult project or something that could be done in larger sizes. Am thrilled to win a prize and will certainly find someone to give the result to!

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