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Sock the Vote

7 October 2008

I am such a sucker for a gimmick. I realized this when I almost bought a really bright colorway of Schaefer yarn just because it was called “Emily Dickinson.” [If those people ever come up with a “Jane Austen” colorway, I will buy them out.  Over and over again. There will be a worldwide shortage, with rationing and everything.]

And Schaefer has done it again with Sock the Vote, sock yarn in four colorways celebrating the women of the 2008 election. The last thing I need is more yarn! [Please don’t tell me sock yarn doesn’t count…much as I would like to believe that, my closet tells a different story.]

Nevertheless, I drool…

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  1. 7 October 2008 4:28 pm

    Someone forwarded your comment to me. I was delighted to note that naming the yarns for Memorable Women appeals to you so much and had to tell you that Jane Austen is on our list. She may not have her color until 2010, so you have time to save enough to buy us out. Repeatedly. Glad we are able to please your eye, and of course, sock yarn counts! Cheryl Schaefer

  2. girlwriter permalink*
    7 October 2008 4:36 pm

    Oh, my goodness! How exciting to hear from Schaefer Yarn! This has made my week, month, year, four-year election cycle…

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