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Upcoming Class: Flair Sweater

6 October 2008

This is a cross-post from the Knit-A-Gogo blog.

You Can't Resist It

You Can

Dearest KAG-ites, it’s Kathleen (again). I’m blogging about my upcoming class, the Flair (rav lnk) cardigan by Wendy Bernard.

I am so excited about this class. We’re holding it at the fantastic Buzz Bakery, which has yummy pastries for normal people AND amazing gluten-free cupcakes for me. What’s not to love?

Flair isn’t just a popular project – it’s also a great first sweater. Those of you who feel intimidated by the idea of making a sweater should set your fears aside and try this one. You’ll knit, purl, increase, decrease, and work in the round.

Flair is knit from the top down, which means there’s very little finishing involved (my personal hurdle when it comes to sweaters) — and you can try it on as you go, which means you have a great chance of making a sweater that fits you well and looks good on you.

Supply Notes
Yarn…I knit my Flair out of Harrisville Designs New England Highland (rav lnk), a lovely tweed with a lot of depth but much less itch than most tweeds (just ask Holly!). Best of all, the price tag was much less than I’d have expected for enough yarn to make a sweater.

Needles…I knit a medium Flair, and ended up needing a third needle – a 42-incher – to knit the bottom of the sweater comfortably. You won’t need that until the second class, though – Oct. 22.

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday at Buzz!

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