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Seriously, It’s Cursed. In Other News…an iPhone App!

11 August 2008
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Back and Left Front Match!

Back and Left Front Match!

So I have been jogging along happily with the CPH (rav lnk) – and by “happily” I of course mean “grudgingly and while dreaming of other sweaters.” For the person at late night a couple of weeks ago who asked why we were supposed to block the back while knitting the left front – I suspect it’s because at one point we are asked to “work even in patt until front measures same as back to beg of shoulder shaping” and we will, of course, want to do that after blocking. Perhaps. Although it’s not like the front is blocked at that point – oh, whatever.

Those of you who came to our late night meetup may have overheard me admitting that I dunked the back in water and then forgot to take it out — for three days. [It is entirely possible that I have been doing too much the last couple of months.]

Danielle and I speculated about what this would do to a sweater back, and I am here to tell you the answer: it makes it really, really soft and stretchy and about 3″ longer than it was pre-dunking. In order to get the sweater back to its normal state, I had to air dry, spray-block, coax, plead, pray, spray-block again, beg, weep, curse, smoosh, wait, and spray-block one more time. But it finally did end up in the correct form, as we can see from the photo above (look! the back and the left front are both blocked to the correct measurements! and they match each other too!).

Took the right front with me on our road trip and am about to start the armhole shaping. Was just starting to feel good about the project, reminding myself that I have only the sleeves and the hood to go after that (conveniently blocking from my mind both my general dislike for piecing sweaters together and my growing suspicion that I do not have enough yarn for this pattern).

Then, last night, I walked into my office and saw this:

"I Regret Nothing!"

"I Regret Nothing."

Why, God, Why?!?

"But I Don't Want It Recorded."

Freaking cat, nesting on my nice sweater. Freaking yarn, drawing all manner of evils to whatever I make out of it. Anyone got any good cleansing rituals?

Last but not least: my friend Blake of TouchArcade and a few other sites let me know about Stitch Minder for iPhone. So, if you have an iPhone (or, I imagine, an iPod Touch) and need to count some rows/patterns/etc., search for “stitch minder” in the App Store. I’ll let you all know how I like it. And you let me know what you think!

Next time: Yarn from Warrenton…

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