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Back from Abroad

10 August 2008

That’s a switch

Andy and I are back from Casanova, where we spent a relaxing 24 hours and ate way too much. Our meal at the inn we found was 5 courses, and I wanted to hurt the woman who brought us course #4 (cheese). It’s not right to resent a gift of cheese.

Best few hours might have been in Warrenton, where (in addition to seeing the fine establishment shown) we wandered into to the Liberty Heritage Museum. [It was that or the Old Jail Museum.]

We also went to the Frost Diner, which sported a sign reading, “Please do not seat yourself at a dirty table,” and really good cheeseburgers.

My favorite attraction, of course, was My Favorite Yarn Shop (no, seriously, that’s its name) on the outskirts of town. We are totally coming back here. The lady behind the counter was friendly, there were rooms upon rooms of yarn, and the owner had her own line of dyed yarn for sale. I’ll post photos of the yarn I bought tomorrow…for now, I’m off to teach a class for Knit-A-Gogo.

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  1. 11 August 2008 12:30 pm

    You wacky traveller you! I love the idea of naming a yarn shop “My Favorite Yarn Shop.” It’s simple, descriptive, and totally lacks irony.

  2. girlwriter permalink*
    11 August 2008 12:43 pm

    They were so great. And I got some yummy yarn, too!

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