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Morning Has Broken

24 July 2008
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Frozen Grapes

Frozen Grapes

Good morning, all. I was absent yesterday due to an evil migraine. Stayed home from work, which always makes me nervous.

Whenever I sat up the headache got much worse. [My father’s solution: “Don’t sit up.” What a guy.] So mostly I lay in bed, listening to my Jeeves Clock tick, thinking about the different kinds of head pain and how a headache oozes and flows from one part of your head to the other and back again. Comparing it (favorably) to dental pain.

As evening approached, I ate some frozen grapes and listened to the thunderstorm that swept through our area (and attacked my nice pot of wildflowers). Then I went back to sleep. All in all, a very exciting day. [Anyone else love frozen grapes? Go throw some in the freezer and let me know what you think.

Yarn is better in person.

The yarn is prettier in person.

Anyway, before yesterday I continued work on the CPH (rav lnk), which I’m making in conjunction with Danielle’s knitalong. Already, I have an issue (surprised? I didn’t think so).

I thought I was smarter than the pattern early on, didn’t look closely at the charts, and added some purl stitches where knit stitches needed to be. Can you tell?

[The yarn is actually a gorgeous teal blue. My camera just doesn’t want to show you that part. You might get too excited and run over here to steal it from me.

So I am now more than halfway through the back, and I have several reasons for wanting to frog and start over:

  1. the mistake, which is plaguing me;
  2. maybe some nice waist shaping?
  3. general boredom and malaise.

I’ll probably frog it tonight. Of course, it’s a delicate thing, because if I frog it I might not start again. So I am committing, here on this blog and before you people, to finish the CPH, by hook or by crook

And now, off to work.

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