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Back from Abroad…

22 July 2008

…or from the Knit-A-Gogo blog, anyway. Nice to be home!

I am still a very fickle knitter. I am plugging along on the back of the Central Park Hoodie (rav lnk) but keep thinking it should be another size, a different color, a different pattern. This is my traditional distractable knitter problem. I know that, if I move on to another sweater, I will just get distracted from it as well. So I am continuing with the CPH, but with trepidation as I still am concerned that it could make me look somewhat stumpy.

Meanwhile, I am also concerned because I made an error in row TWO of the post-ribbing section, and I just keep looking at it. This is one of those things that separates Slap-Dash Kathleen from Kathleen Who Can Wear What She Just Made. I am trying to listen to the Good Kathleen, but since that could involve tinking or frogging a fair amount of the back…well, it might not happen.

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