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Sunday Morning

20 July 2008

Sunday Morning

Originally uploaded by GirlWriter

Good morning, all,

I’m at St. Elmo’s this morning, with some Earl Greyer Tea, some yogurt, and the Central Park Hoodie (rav lnk).

As is traditional for me, I have already:

1. Knit 3.5″ of ribbing on US8s;
2. Remembered that the ribbing was meant to be done on US6s;
3. Muttered, cursed, considered the idea of a hoodie with very floppy ribbing;
4. Discarded that option;
5. Ripped out ribbing, while thinking about just making the Hourglass Sweater (rav lnk): so simple, so hourglassy! Would probably be the answer to all my problems (social, professional, and emotional). Promised self I could rip out the CPH just after finishing, in order to make Hourglass Sweater;
6. Realized that my own inconstancy may be the cause of this yarn’s being cursed;
7. Promised self new yarn for the Hourglass Sweater in exchange for pushing on with current project. New yarn! What kind of new yarn should I…

Story of my life.


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