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Measuring Your Swatch…And Meeting Up

20 July 2008
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Knitting at Elmo's This Morning - Join Me!

This is a cross-post from Knit-A-Gogo.

Hello, all,

Welcome to Day Two of our knitalong! My Central Park Hoodie (rav lnk) is coming along nicely, especially since I am now using the correct size needles to knit the ribbing, rather than the US8s with which I started.

In case you’re still swatching, I thought I’d give a few hints about measuring your gauge swatch.

First off, if you can possibly get a Susan Bates “Knit-Chek” like the one in the picture, do so. These are more readily available in some parts of the country than others. I got all the way to upstate New York without mine a few years ago, and not only did the LYS not have one, they looked at me like I had three noses when I described it.

Gauge Swatch with Knit-Chek
But having something like this will help you measure one row (or column) of stitches, and that row only. Line the inside edge up with a row/column of stitches in your swatch that look pretty uniform.

Second, use something to point at the stitches. This feels a little elementary, but it keeps me from getting confused by stitch legs. I use one of my blocking needles and trace the little vee of each knit stitch as I count.

Third, and this is certainly important with the CPH, pay attention to partial stitches. The gauge for our pattern is 17 stitches to every four inches, which means 8 1/2 stitches to two inches and 4 1/4 to one inch. Those partial stitches in your measured area definitely make a difference to your gauge.

Finally, I’m at St. Elmo’s this morning and early afternoon, knitting. Stop by if you like! And I suggest we try to meet up next Wednesday (July 30) at Knit Happens late night to show off our progress.


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