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The Single Sock Liberation Movement

13 June 2007

Kathleen Feet
Originally uploaded by ciaobellabella

My sister and I have been wearing mismatched socks together for years. It all started when I was about 14 and she was about 7 — acceptable ages not to match socks. But now she is 26 and I am, oh Lordy, 33. But it’s hard to stop.

We try to make them match in some ways — thematically, or with complementary colors. I always want them to be the same thickness. [I’m short already — I don’t have to be lopsided! Steph is 10 inches taller than I am so she has no worries on this front.] Yes, we are total geeks.

But this means when I started to knit socks, around age 16, I never had to knit the second sock! Brilliant. And yesterday I learned about the Single Sock Liberation Movement. [Check out this post — she’s got a gorgeous array of sock photos there.]

We’ve been liberated all our lives, without even knowing it…

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