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Del Ray, Neighborhoods, Fiber

13 June 2007
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We move into our funny house next month and I was looking for a painter on the Visit Del Ray site.

I’m really excited about our little community. We have lots of friends within just a few blocks, and already most of our non-work activities are in or around Del Ray. Andy did a lot of the work on his book at St. Elmo’s and for a long time I was going to Caboose (a nice little cafe that, out of the blue, has fantastic Ethiopian food) every Tuesday night with a group of women. Ooh, can’t wait, can’t wait.

And I’m not sure but it looks like Del Ray may actually have a yarn shop or presence of some kind: Knit-A-Gogo. Exciting news indeed! And a great name. They’re featuring a company I’ve never heard of, Neighborhood Fiber Company. Their site has a few patterns and photos of some amazing yarn.

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