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Right As Rainbow: In Which I Am Slightly Behind

18 September 2013

Those of you who check the Right As Rainbow discussion thread on Ravelry with your morning coffee will have noticed that my partner-in-crime, Catherine, has finished her cardi – and so has Rachel of Porpoise Fur. Curses! Here is where I am:

Sleeves and Hem at the JC

Sleeves and Hem at the JC: Photographed these at our favorite coffehouse in Oxford, The Jericho Cafe.

And lucky to be there, I have to say, because the last couple of weeks have just gotten away from me. All good things, but suddenly fall is so busy! Do the rest of you find the same? Part of it must be the fall season – knitting starts to look more appealing, and there’s that old back-to-school thing as well. At any rate, yesterday I spent the day at a conference for those of us interested in 18th century miscellanies (only in Oxford, right), which culminated in an evening entertainment that included a sewing lesson. If you guys are really, really good, perhaps I will show you the results of my efforts. [Note: I am not a seamstress. Results sure to be hilarious.]

But back to the knitalong. There are photos of some beautiful works-in-progress up on Ravelry, including Sally’s and ScattyParis’ –

S&C ScattyParis

ScattyParis has joined the arms and body – and she only joined us last week! There’s still time, people.

SallyWool's sleeves are gorgeous.

SallyWool and I clearly had the same idea – add a little colour to the hem and sleeves.

And over on Catherine’s blog there are photos of her FO and also some wonderful hints on both joining the arms to the body and finishing. She found herself on a Greek island (darn the luck!) with no buttons, so…she made her own with a crochet hook, some yarn, and those pesky 1¢ pieces no one likes to have weighing down their bag anyway. [Seriously, I might make all future sweater buttons this way, just to get rid of loose change.] I feel so lucky to know Catherine and get to read her blog. She is like the MacGyver of knitting, or possibly the Jeeves (so smart, so well-informed, and always has a solution to the knottiest of problems).

In sharp contradistinction (as we sometimes say in the academy), I have been kind of blundering along trying to figure out the correct way to highlight the colors of my sweater. You’ll notice that I took some liberties with the colors on the sleeve edges and in the garter stitch hem:

S&C Colors

Note the odd-sock colors on the sleeves. I *think* I like what I have done there…My photos are not as pretty as Catherine’s, but then not all of us have a Greek island as a backdrop!

Spent longer than I should have fiddling around with the color combination in the hem…and still think I could have done better. Indeed, I might just change it again…perfectionism kills, people.

I have a lot more time this week than I have had, and I am off to the Great London Yarn Crawl on Saturday (any other purple route-rs out there?), so there is plenty of time (right? right?). As inspiration, of course, I have Rachel and Catherine’s sweaters, which are both so beautiful, and show off the versatility of this pattern so well.

Catherine Finished!

Catherine Finished!

Rachel Finished!

Rachel Finished!

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  1. 20 September 2013 12:59 pm

    I had to look up MacGuyver but I quite like being the Jeeves of Knitting 🙂 Love your stripy hem. Have a fab time at the GLYC

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