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I Protest So You Don’t Have To

21 June 2012
  • Mr. Trask: So, are you going to write something about that Ravelympics thing?
  • Me: Well – I don’t know. It’s been covered on Ravelry and Twitter and Metafilter and blogs. The Yarn Harlot has weighed in. It might even make Colbert.
  • Mr. Trask: Yeah, are you knitting him socks?
  • Me: If I were going to write about it, I’d have to be able to add something special. Like, I could go to London and knit in Trafalgar Square with duct tape over my lips, the way they did at Brita’s protest on Community.
  • Mr. Trask: …It would be really inconvenient if you went into labor in London. But, hey, you have some photos of you knitting in London, right?

Without further ado, I give you:

Paddington Protest

Paddington Station: a great place to protest.

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  1. suzysolidarity permalink
    21 June 2012 5:01 pm

    Give me knitting needles or give me death!

  2. 21 June 2012 6:49 pm

    Good one! At the shop today, of course the entire Ravel+#$*)@s fiasco was the featured topic of conversation. I think back to the last Ravel+#$*)@s and how much enthusiasm for the games was shared. There was synergy between our knitting and the U.S. athletes in competition. How in the world can that be a bad thing?! By the way, the top rated patterns on Ravelry today are all the patterns featured in the last Ravel+#$*)@s.

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