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The Illustrious First Knitting Book Giveaway

28 August 2011
  • Me (opening another box from storage): Dang. More books.
  • Mr. Trask: Hey, at least it’s not more yarn.

Well, people, this weekend Mr. Trask and I cleared out the storage space and packed Phase I: the items going by container ship (also known as Slow Boat to Britain). The Slow Boat movers arrive sometime Monday, so our little house is filled with boxes that are going via Slow Boat, boxes that will be stored, boxes of items to be donated, and more. Also an irate cat:

Gertrude Objects

This Will Not Stand: Gertrude objects to the changing topography of the house.

Also, there was a bit of a thunderstorm over the weekend, and I bashed the side of my foot on our kitchen island, and I seem to be developing a hideous chest cold from the dust of the storage boxes. But other than that all seems to be well. Hey, here’s our progress:

“]”]Packing Progress

Some of the many, many boxes we have packed. So far, yarn content = 0. But not for long...

Anyway, I haven’t had much time to write or knit, although I did finish the Stash Giveaway FAQ. Further, since Hurricane Irene our Internet connection has been spotty. So I’ll just give you what’s promised in the title, and get back out:

First Book Giveaway

The First Book Giveaway: Comment by Friday 2 Sept

The giveaway consists of:

  1. The Knitting Answer Book, by Margaret Radcliffe
  2. KnitLit, edited by Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf
  3. One Skein, by Leigh Radnor
  4. Noro Knits, by Jane Ellison
  5. Knitting on the Road, by Nancy Bush
  6. Weekend Knitting, by Melanie Falick
  7. Knitting Workbook, by Debbie Bliss
  8. Knit 2 Together, by Tracey Ullmann (yes, THAT Tracey Ullmann) and Mel Clark

Remember that, if you comment to enter this giveaway, you are committing to pay shipping (you can choose either media mail or first class mail). Also, these books are gently used. Weekend Knits is a hardback and the dust jacket has some fading. I think that’s it for condition warnings. Comment by noon EDT on Friday, 2 September for a chance to win. Hurrah!

As soon as the movers leave tomorrow, I’ll post something more substantial, with another yarn giveaway (and announce last week’s winners). Thank you for your indulgence while we lose our minds over here.

So, those in the hurricane’s path, how did you fare? Everyone else, how did you spend your weekend? Entertain those of us who spent ours cowering in the dark. And does anyone want to give me advice on how to pack clothing really, really small, so I can fit a little yarn into my suitcase?

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  1. Robin permalink
    28 August 2011 11:04 pm

    Don’t know how you’re doing it! Does the cat go to England too? & if I win a book I would be more than willing to pay for shipping
    As far as packing clothes goes, fold them then roll them up – the clothes take up less space, in which you can fit some yarn!

    • Kathleen permalink*
      29 August 2011 2:04 pm

      The cat does indeed go to England! First she has to stay with friends for a few weeks, and then she’ll be on a plane over. I wince every time I think about it – I hate that she has to go through a plane flight – but she’s sort of a one-owner cat, and we couldn’t live without her, anyway. So…as Mr. Trask says, she will learn to meow with a British accent, and she’ll make friends with some very polite mice.

  2. 28 August 2011 11:43 pm

    I agree with Robin on the clothes packing. You can also get those compression bags to shrink them even further. Target has them where they have the luggage. You need to get that nasty dust out of your nose to fend off the cold! Do you have a neti pot? I have to use mine when I have been exposed to dust since I’m allergic to it. I already have Weekend Knitting but would love any of the others especially the Answer book. Good luck with the movers tomorrow!

  3. 29 August 2011 6:15 am

    Last month, we moved just across town and it was completely exhausting. I can’t imagine how much work you guys are going through, so sorry!

    My belief is that I can never have enough books, and I’m ecstatic to pay shipping for anything won. It’s all so exciting, and so generous of you.

    As for extra packing, I agree with Carolyn. At Costco you can get those big bags where you can suck all the air out – those really DO work for clothes and linens (towels, sheets, etc) – they shrink them super duper small because there isn’t any air! You just hook it up to your vacuum cleaner and it sucks all the air out (if you have that kind of round connector on your vacuum). I also second Carolyn’s comment on the neti pot, I think it’s saved me from getting sick many times. 🙂

    The only book I already have out of that stash is ‘One Skein.’

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  4. Cguard permalink
    29 August 2011 7:56 am

    One Skein Please! They do have yarn on the other side of the pond you know. However, the trick my daughter swears by is pack everything into those strange bags that you hook up your vacuam cleaner to and suck all the air back out of. Can fit way more stuff just like the ads say-CAVEAT_ it will weigh the same! I have heard cats would rather switch owners than homes… wishing you good luck and it makes me really glad I do not have to relocate!

  5. Jeannie permalink
    29 August 2011 8:15 am

    I love books!!!!

  6. Krystal permalink
    29 August 2011 10:11 am

    I packed my laptop and knitting bag and drove into my mom’s house this morning, because Irene took out the power in my whole community. And no power = no coffee!

    I would pay for book shipping! I don’t own any of those books, either 🙂

    Good luck with the rest of the packing – that stack of boxes looks impressive!

  7. Gwendolyn permalink
    29 August 2011 11:36 am

    I feel kinda guilty saying that I went to the pool for two days and walked around the farmers market wishing for clouds or cooler weather while the east coast was hiding and fighting to stay dry. I actually miss the rain, and as much as I hate moving, cant wait to move myself so that I can have seasons again. The previous commenters got all the really really small clothing packing tips that I know too. The vacuum bags work the best, but you have to buy them. Other wise rolling them is the next best thing. Not that you asked but as some people already mentioned kitty will be more irrate before you are all done and unpacked. After a move that was only 12 hours away, my kitty was never the same. 😦 Good luck with finishing packing!

  8. Tina permalink
    29 August 2011 11:49 am

    2.5 years ago I relocated my entire life and stuff from Germany to England and that took many, many months of dedicated planning. That was only myself, though, not two people and a cat. Keep going, it will all be worth it in the end.
    Bookwise, knitting on the road, weekend knitting and knitting workbook are all high on the wish list. =)

  9. Ivanna permalink
    29 August 2011 12:44 pm

    Cannot even imagine what stress you are under, best of luck with it all and hope the cold vanishes soon. Spent my weekend in Zone A (but so far out of danger, no one of the considerable tv news coverage even remotely suggested our area evacuate) knitting some beautiful Patons Soy into a seed stich hat which also allowed the Bubbacat to curl up with the yarn, wising I had Netflix to download the IT Crowd, making a venison stew braised in coffee, cinnamon and orange; and drinking red wine with peaches. Have no right to complain about Irene.

  10. Sara permalink
    29 August 2011 1:10 pm

    After surviving a direct hit from Hurricane Hugo when I was a kid, I’ve become somewhat immune to hurricanes here in the DC area (what, it’s only a Category 2 – who cares!!). We didn’t lose power except for a couple of brief hiccups. However, I did spend a little too much time (and money) at the emergency vet. NEVER try to cut mats out of your cat’s hair with scissors – next thing you know, you’re shelling out hundreds of dollars to have him/her stitched back up. To say I felt like an absolutely horrible human would be an understatement! So, you could always threaten Gertrude with that kind of punishment – maybe she’ll realize getting shipped across the pond isn’t so bad! As others have stated previously, the vacuum bags are probably your best bet for packing. I would make sure that the cat and the bags are not in the same room, though. I’ve gone through many an air mattress that way!

  11. 29 August 2011 2:02 pm

    Good luck with the packing! 2 months ago I packed a 4 bedroom house up into storage in NZ so I truley empathise! Those books look really interesting 🙂

  12. 29 August 2011 2:59 pm

    Glad to hear you weathered the hurricane without too much incident. As much as I feel aweful about the storm I can’t help hoping it will stir the atmosphere up enough to break our horrible heatwave here in Texas. good luck packing. I once moved from Toronto to Albuquerque, but that nowhere compares to moving overseas. I do love me some books!! I’m crossing my fingers. Good luck with the packing and fold then roll.

  13. 1 September 2011 4:07 pm

    Good luck on your move! I’d happily pay to have these books shipped my way. What a treat!

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