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Knitting at Nixon in China

13 February 2011

No, I would never knit at a live performance.  Not at the opera…not at a musical…not at a play.  But I did find a lovely way to combine two things I enjoy: knitting and opera.  On Saturday, Mr. Trask and I went to the AMC Hoffman, one of many movie theaters across the country where a live performance of John Adams’ Nixon in China was broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera…in HD.

Mr. Trask has been listening to the music from Nixon in China for quite some time, and I have loved the opera since I was a teenager (yes, another nerd alert), so – this one was a no-brainer.  We bought a couple of tickets and some Junior Mints, and settled in for a lovely afternoon.  I brought my deadline knitting and (since I was on a nice stockinette part) got a lot done.

[Aside #1: I googled “Nixon knitting” for this post, but didn’t get anything relevant. Google did ask me whether I meant “Dixon knitting,” which I admit would have made more sense for most knitting blogs.]

If you’re planning to knit at the movies or the opera, I suggest a few things:

  • Bring a pattern with which you’re fairly familiar.  I’ve knit simple ribbed socks, several versions of the Child’s Knitted Scarf from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, and several other patterns I know well.  You may have to count stitches in the dark, so it’s good to have knit the item before.
  • Cast on and knit several rows before the lights go down – either get there early and do this during the silly slide show of entertainment facts, or do it before you leave home.
  • Be prepared to use your phone as a flashlight occasionally.
  • Don’t try to eat Junior Mints and knit at the same time.  One thing at a time!  One thing at a time.

The Metropolitan Opera Live in HD series continues through the spring; why not join in for some culture with your knitting?  Take a look at the News Aria in the video above, and see if it doesn’t strike your fancy.

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  1. 23 February 2011 1:24 pm

    Good advice!

    If I think I’ve dropped a stitch, I hold the knitting up so the movie screen is in back of it — if the knit isn’t too tight, the hole shows up quite nicely . . . or quite horribly, I suppose I should say.

    I’m still working on learning how to theater tink — not there yet.

    Luv ya!

  2. 6 March 2011 10:02 am

    PS: Just wanted to add a special thank you for my yarn prize! It arrived, and I love it. It is a hat-in-waiting.

    • Kathleen permalink*
      25 March 2011 3:03 pm

      Hurrah for the yarn prize! I love me a yarn prize.

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