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I Photograph So I Do Not Buy

10 July 2009

Good afternoon to you all (good morning to those in the States)!

I am on the bus to London for the weekend. I have four big books with me, not to mention my computer. A paper is due on Wednesday, AND a class presentation as well. But the fabulous Joe-Biden-Lookalike SteveLawton (also known as my father) is in a flat in Kensington, so off I go. Theater and Churchill Tourism await! And I’ll read and write late and early (oh dear).

This was a challenging week, with class assignments looming (what, they don’t just want me to read and talk? I have to write? Formally?) and a bad head/chest cold the last few days. But I am still enjoying myself here, which is saying something indeed.

My spirits lifted, too, when I saw what’s pictured in the first photo below…a little charity shop in Oxford’s Covered Market that sells yarn! When I saw that shop window, I felt all my muscles tense, like a pointing dog. And then I felt a little better than I did before: there’s some yarn living around the corner from me.

Now, do I need more yarn? I do not. And on my current budget I probably won’t be buying any (which is why the sign on the door — second photo below — was a relief). But it’s nice to know there’s enough knitting out there that a charity shop can make a little money selling the tools of the trade.

And now — on to London!

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