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Short But Fierce

3 July 2009
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Hello from across the pond! I have arrived in Oxford after a few hectic weeks of preparation, during which I knit to calm myself down more than anything else.

In this program one certainly does hit the ground running — this is day five and I’ve already had two 2+-hour classes and much, much reading. I haven’t knit since I was on the plane…nor have I read for pleasure or even slept much.

But now I’m on the train, going to Paris to see my gorgeous friend Lauren, so here is my traveling sock (and project bag by Slipped Stitch Studios — I’ll add etsy link when I’m not iPhone blogging).

The yarn is Jade Sapphire cashmere, and to those who remind me socks should be made of sterner stuff — I say Eat My Leek.

Yes, eat my leek, evidently a Shakespearian retort, one worthy of being stamped on a tiny button in the RSC gift shop. I am a sucker, so I bought it for 50p, along with one that says, “She’s short but fierce” or words to that effect. We saw “As You Like It” in Stratford last night — a lovely performance, though it lacked both leeks and knitting.

Without further ado — here is the traveling sock. My England posts thus summer will probably be like this one…short and fierce, but frequent.

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