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Knit Coraline’s Sweater, Read Emily’s Book

13 May 2009

Good morning to you all. After a weekend on dorm duty and another traveling, I have that feeling — too familiar lately — that at any moment I could just drop to the floor, snoring. So far it hasn’t happened (fingers crossed!).

The Original Sweater Glows in the Dark!

The Original Sweater Glows in the Dark!

Ravelry discovery of the week: a person-sized version of the star sweater from the movie Coraline. Those following along at home will remember that Althea Crome created gorgeous, intricate miniature knitwear for the movie. I haven’t seen much about Jenn Jarvis‘ larger version.

To download the pattern, go to the Coraline website and click on “Welcome,” then “Coraline’s Bedroom” (near the stairs), then on the bottom drawer of the bureau off to the left. I haven’t knit this pattern yet, but I like that Jenn offers child and adult (woman) sizes. Whoever thought of this knows the knitting/fan culture (witness the Jayne hat from Firefly, the Harry Potter knitting book (amazon, powells, indie), and that granddaddy of them all, the Doctor Who Scarf).

Emily Does Good

Emily Does Good

Meanwhile, my good friend Emily Chenoweth has written a gorgeous book, Hello Goodbye: A Novel (amazon, powells, indie). In one sentence, it’s about a family that goes to a resort in New Hampshire after the mother is diagnosed with a brain tumor. They host various old friends who come to say goodbye.

I’ve known Emily since we were in writing school together, and her prose is beautiful yet unique. She writes gently but honestly about love and loss. [And, heck, she’s been known to knit, too.] Emily, you rock.

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