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Sleeping in Public, Finished Hats, Dressing Cats

1 May 2009
See That House Over the Way?

See That House Over the Way?

The long national nightmare is over…the air conditioning has been fixed. Of course, it’s been gray and rainy since Wednesday, but at least we’re ready for the summer.

So – we can put all this behind us, except to say: a disturbing number of you wrote me privately to suggest Andy and I sleep on our porch. Like, six of you in the last four days.

To this I say: huh? Do you people not live in a neighborhood?

And That One There?

And That One There?

Here we have two views from our porch. I have to assume that if I can see their house…they can see my house. Do they want to see my pajamas as well? To hear my delicate snore? I mean, I guess we could ask, but…

It’s an appealing idea, though: the sleeping porch. Our upstairs balcony is just too small, and the deck in the back way too public. But it would be cool to live in a place where one could sleep on the porch. Like camping, but with a shower and a bathroom and all of your books available. Knitting for people and animals, and a cub update, after the jump.

V-Neck in Louet MerLin

V-Neck in Louet MerLin

Anyway…it’s been a good week for the knitting. I’m plugging along in the Easy V-Neck, and so are my students (if one trusts their e-mail reports). I tried it on Tuesday evening, and (drumroll) it fits. The yarn’s wonderful, too – Louet MerLin Worsted (rav link), a blend of merino and linen. And I pulled it out of my stash, which means Stash Reduction continues unabated. Someday, the space under my bed will not be entirely taken up with yarn. But do we really want that? Maybe I should go buy some replacement yarn (rav link) right now…no, no, must resist.

Sarah, Priscilla, and Beanie

Sarah, Priscilla, and Beanie

I taught a beginner class this week at Buzz Bakery, which was fun as always – I’m so inspired when I see someone take their first knit stitch – and one table over Danielle was teaching mother-and-daughter team Priscilla and Sarah, who took my beanie class a couple of months ago. In the photo, Sarah shows off one of the beanies she’s made since the class.

Why Do You Keep Taking Photos of Me?

Why Do You Keep Taking Pictures of Me?

Meanwhile, cub update! They’re four weeks old and clearly plotting a way out. Or maybe that’s my anthropomorphinator kicking in again. According to the Cub Update, last week they moved out of their incubator and crossed the two-pound mark. Check out the Zoo site’s photos and the photos in the Flickr group, which are different for some reason.

Speaking of anthropomorphism, Dressing Up Your Animals: A disturbing yet amusing phenomenon when it’s on dogs, downright dangerous when you extend the concept to cats. And here’s a shawl on a real live chicken. [Aside: Redshirt Knitting‘s narrative of chicken husbandry is so funny and appealing, it makes me want to go out and get a bunch of chicks. But, as I said to one friend this week, one has to make a choice between Having Chickens and Having a Husband.]

In lieu of making a hat for Gertrude, which frankly she wouldn’t appreciate anyway, maybe I’ll make one of these bunnies (rav link) which I discovered in a fellow raveler‘s projects. And then, ooh, I could make a hat for the bunny…

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  1. Brooke permalink
    14 May 2009 11:22 am

    Seen the chickens at the intersection of King and Janney’s?

    • Kathleen permalink*
      14 May 2009 11:24 am

      Goodness – I haven’t! Details?

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