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Pledge to Teach, Google Mania, Cub Obsession

10 April 2009

Stephanie's StitchesFirst up: pledge to teach someone to knit! Angela at KnitLuck reminds us that the knitting industry and our local yarn shops all depend on…knitters. So teach someone to knit today and support the economy (or at least the knitting side of it). Angela is teaching her boyfriend to knit, which makes her most impressive. Devoted as Mr. Trask is to me, he is utterly uninterested in learning to knit. It’s sad, really. Check out Angela’s super-cool blog for an impressive collection of deals and information from all over the knitting blogosphere.

If you sign up for the pledge by April 15, you’ll be eligible for a drawing to win some lovely Claudia yarn. Free yarn! Everybody wins!

As I prepare to go to England, I am spending more time than I like to admit Googling “England yarn trip,” “Oxford knitting circle,” and similar.

Search results (and clouded leopard cubs) after the jump…

Search results included:

  • An airport in the Channel Islands that has a box of knitting to amuse passengers while they wait to board their flights.
  • The Life Magazine Photo Archive, which includes sets on knitting and Great Britain at War, resulting in photos of men, women, young people, older people, soldiers, schoolboys, fishermen, and many others knitting garments for soldiers.
  • The Big Knit, a fund raising initiative by Innocent Drinks that raises money for a charity called Age Concern via tiny knit hats. Must be read to be believed. No dates for 2009 yet, but you can be sure I will be knitting tiny hats for smoothies this fall.
Photo credit: Mehgan Murphy, Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Photo credit: Meghan Murphy, Smithsonian’s National Zoo

One thing that won’t be in England (two things, really) and that I keep Googling: the Clouded Leopard Cubs born a couple of weeks ago at the National Zoo Conservation and Research Center. Their eyes are opening now, and on Wednesday the Zoo determined that they’re both boys.

I’m late in blogging about this, but I was busy the last couple of weeks just staring at the Washington Post photo gallery and video, the National Zoo Flickr photostream, and the Cub Update on the Center Website.

Interesting: The zoo’s other Flickr sets include Harrison Ford at the Zoo, various baby animals, and a St. Patrick’s Day Party in the Ape House (huh?).

Finally…Miss Manners confirmed that it’s ok to knit in public last month. Anyone else relieved?

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  1. 11 April 2009 1:23 pm

    I don’t think I’d be too worried if knitting in public was polite or not – I’d still do it anyway 🙂

    You have a nice blog – and I have a pair of knit socks in that exact same colourway as the one on the left in your header – made for my by a dear Hutterite lady. They may wear dark, dull clothing around town, but the socks they put on at home come in all sorts of bright & funky colours!

  2. Kathleen permalink*
    13 April 2009 4:10 pm

    Hey – thanks! I must admit that I don’t worry about it too much. Mainly about whether I should do it in community meetings. I so want to, but I so fear it’s a bad idea.

    I bought the yarn for the left-hand socks at The Creative Stitch in Hingham, Mass. Gorgeous yarn, gorgeous store…

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