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Yarn Saves the Day (again)

16 January 2009

For reasons I imagine to be obvious (hello? yarn-related being!) I have been watching the Aardman Studios wonder “Shaun the Sheep” lately. It’s a spin-off of the Wallace & Gromit short “A Close Shave,” which is, indeed, about a little sheep named Shaun (get it?  Shorn?  Shaun?  Ha!). It shows Gromit, the dog, knitting…there’s a trip to a yarn shop and a little romance for Wallace…what’s not to love?

At any rate, the most recent one, called “Who’s the Mummy,” showed some chicks hatching and imprinting on Shaun instead of their mother.  They follow him around and hijinks ensue, but at the end of the day knitted items come to the rescue.  In the last scene, the mother chicken is wearing a sweater and hat made of Shaun’s wool, so that the chicks think she’s Shaun.  [And Shaun, in his sad sheepy underwear, is clutching a hot water bottle to stay warm.]

There aren’t any clips of that particular show available, but you can find US showings of “Shaun the Sheep” on the official website, and below is a clip from “A Close Shave” in which Wallace and Gromit save Shaun and friends from an evil bulldog in a high-speed chase with truck and motorcycle.  Shaun, of course, is the sheep in the sweater (because he’s been SHORN. Get it?).

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