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Holiday Shopping…

4 December 2008
Project Bag by nStitches4u

Project Bag by nStitches4u

One of my favorite classes asked me one of my favorite questions: what do we buy? Any excuse for me to go shopping is a good thing.

These folks were more specific, lucky for them.  They wanted to know about knitting-related stocking stuffers or small gifts they might ask for from their nearest and dearest. And, you know, there are a lot of cool little gadgets out there!

I trolled through some online sites for links to the items, but you can probably find at least some of them at your Local Yarn Shop as well.

See the list, after the jump…

This list is mostly for beginners.  If you have other things to add, use the comments section or email me!

Without further ado, here is

The Knitters’ Stocking

Project bags, to keep your projects safe in your purse…

Soak Wool Wash, for when you’re blocking that important project

The awesome Clover Mini Kacha Kacha row counter, which makes a pleasing sound when you use it and can be hung on a string around your neck

Point Protectors to keep your knitting on your needles

Stitch Markers

Cable Stitch Holder (if you don’t cable already, make it your New Year’s Resolution to learn. So easy, but makes you feel so smart!)

Yarn Cutter (also hangs around your neck; I am a sucker for functional jewelry, apparently)

Darning Needles for weaving in ends—these have a bent tip that make weaving in easier

Tape Measure. No matter how many of these I stash around the house, I have trouble finding one when I need it.

Finally…confused shoppers can default to this handy-dandy accessory kit, which includes stitch markers, a ruler/needle sizer, darning needles, row counter, point protectors, etc.

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