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Flair Cardigan Update

21 October 2008

Well, our Flair Cardigan (rav lnk) class has begun, and we’ll have our second meeting tomorrow night.  Meanwhile, I finished my Flair for the class (photo to come) and purchased buttons for said cardigan while Andy and I were driving up to Newport for his sister’s wedding (see conference call photo of last post).

Bought the buttons at Knitting Central, a gorgeous little store in Westport, Connecticut.  I could have stayed there for days, drooling over their yarn selection and their setup, but had to collect Andy and get back on the road after only about 30 minutes. More about Knitting Central later this week, definitely.

I haven’t yet put the buttons on the cardigan – that’ll be tonight, probably.  But I’m concerned that this iteration turned out to look really cropped on me.  Luckily, since this sweater is knit from the top down, I can frog the bottom and knit it longer (and maybe a little narrower).

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  1. celeste permalink
    2 January 2009 10:34 pm

    Still knitting on this. You are going to laugh when you see it. happy new year c

  2. girlwriter permalink*
    2 January 2009 10:40 pm

    I can’t wait! Send me a photo! And Happy New Year to you!

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