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Living in a Cave. Also, Knitting Classes

4 September 2008
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Dear all, I have not forgotten you.  I have just been buried in an all-consuming work project.  The culmination of 10 months of work, in fact.  It is like I have been running one of those egg-spoon relays, wearing a backpack full of bricks.

I believe it will calm down by the weekend…but I thought that a couple of weeks ago as well.  So.  I will be posting again tonight or tomorrow; I have a review of Mystic Yarns in Mystic, Connecticut (as well as one of My Favorite Yarn Shop (no, really, that’s the name) from a few weeks ago) and updates on the accursed CPH and my Flair sweater for next month’s class.

Speaking of classes, my fall line-up for Knit-A-Gogo is up on the Knit-A-Gogo site.  Check it out!  Only two classes this time around, but I can always do private lessons, and will have more for the winter semester.

So…not dead yet!  Coming back soon!

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