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Sometimes I Just Don’t Know. Also, Traveling.

22 August 2008

Please know that I am not exaggerating for effect here. A few days ago afternoon, I brought my pot o’ flowers in from the deck because a storm was coming. One of the flowers was leaning over a bit funny due to damage in the last story (hence the protectiveness now). It was really leaning over badly and looked truly sad.

“Gosh,” I thought, “if only I had some string I could stake the flower and give it a little help.” I walked around the house, looking for twine, or possibly thick thread, or anything, really. “Why I don’t have any string in the house is beyond me,” I thought. “Some sort of…”


Stick and String (and Green)

I do indeed have string. So I grabbed me some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky (rav lnk) from the end of the baby blanket, and started looking for…a stick. Maybe a nice drinking straw, or a chopstick, or…

Yeah. My brain is clearly on vacation, even though I have not been.
So anyway. An old dpn, some Debbie Bliss, and my JaneLawton wildflowers are the fanciest staked plants on the block.

This weekend Andy and I are going up to Massachusetts for his fantastic younger sister’s bridal shower. [Andy and the groom will go see “The Dark Knight,” which is fine by me as I found the entire middle bit to be way too complicated.]

[I loved Heath Ledger as the Joker, though.]

[I just generally have a problem with the Batman movies. Oh, whatever.]


The point is that I will be in a car, but I’ll be trying to blog from my iPhone, using the nifty WordPress iPhone app. We’ll see how it goes! I’m excited to get out of Dodge again and to start work on my sample of the Wendy Bernard Flair jacket (rav lnk), which I’ll be teaching for Knit-A-Gogo in October. I bought some beautiful tweed yarn — New England Highland (rav lnk) from Harrisville Designs — from Knit Happens for this sweater. Cannot wait. [By the way – they have a sale going on this weekend. Run! Don’t walk! Go! Now!]

Am also super-charged to see my nieces, for whom I will be knitting socks. Am bringing them way too much sock yarn to choose from. Evidently I am going to become that aunt, the one who makes you a sweater you hate for Every Single Birthday.

I guess everybody needs one of those.

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