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Gluten-Free Cookies

17 July 2008

Mmm. Want One?

Originally uploaded by GirlWriter

We interrupt this swatching adventure to bring you a plate of gluten-free cookies.

Because that’s how much we care about you at this here blog.

These actually weren’t bad, much better than other GF cookies I’ve had. For GF cupcakes, nothing beats Buzz Bakery on Slaters Lane. I just wish they wouldn’t put almonds on top of them.

Knitting-wise, I’m guest-blogging about the Central Park Hoodie for Danielle this week. So feel free to head on over there and read about my swatching nightmare: missing swatch.

As a friend told me when I explained that I had subscribed to the International Herald Tribune because I needed articles from the Washington Post but the crossword from the New York Times…there is such a thing as over-thinking.

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