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Remembering Jane

11 December 2007

JaneLawton pantoming sitting in her Mother-of-the-Bride chair at our wedding rehearsal

Many of you already know that my mother, Jane Lawton, passed away on Nov. 29.

She and I hosted a knitting party (through Danielle at Knit-A-Gogo) a little while ago, even though she didn’t know how to knit. I found her beginner scarf next to her bed, without much progress made but very much in her line of sight.  As one friend put it, “she wanted to want to knit.”  She was a crocheter in her youth, though, and taught me when I was about 8.  She was a woman of contradictions – modern and old-fashioned, Northern and Southern, very strong and occasionally needy (aren’t most mothers?).

She was so dear to me (and such a unique personality) that I don’t quite know what to say here. But I am grateful for all the expressions of sympathy and I’ll be knitting and writing again very soon. As she would say, “It’ll be fun!”

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