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22 May 2007
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Ugly Rug

This ugly rug would probably be fine in a pioneer home, where every scrap of yarn would have been used. In my home, it is cause for mockery.

I’ve been struggling with color for a while — I don’t know whether I lack a certain color sense, or simply have bad taste, or what. The folks at Springwater were very helpful and kind to me last week when I went in with The Ugliest Rug in America (photos to come).

Springwater’s blog has an interesting suggestion with regard to color — learn to spin or weave. I find this very tempting, but some part of me suspects this is another in my brain’s ongoing attempts to distract me from the rug — which I have decided I will finish before beginning any other projects.

Instead of starting all the other projects I want to, I have been writing them down in a teeny little notebook. There are…lots. And that doesn’t even count the ones that aren’t projects but are similar distractions — spinning lessons! Master knitter classes! I could avoid this rug for years.

Edited to add link to Ravelry project and photo of Disastrous Rug.

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