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Kathleen in Cafe

I sure do enjoy having my photo taken. But, hey, let’s go to a cafe and knit!

I have taught knitting at fibre space in Alexandria, Va., The Creative Stitch in Hingham, Mass., and in coffee shops around the Washington, D.C., area as part of Knit-A-Gogo (the company that eventually grew into fibre space). Now that I live in the United Kingdom, I don’t teach out of a yarn shop – but I am available for private or semi-private classes, or casual advice. [As I tell my students, I’m happy to give encouragement via e-mail to anyone who’s been in a class of mine in the past.] Just contact me for more information.

I believe anyone can learn to knit and love it – whether crafty or not, right-handed or left-, young or less young. My goal is not just for my students to be able to knit (or know a new knitting skill) at the end of a session, but for them to feel confident about what they learn, and to enjoy the process (of learning AND knitting!).

My favorite knitters to teach are beginners, because I love making new knitters. In a beginner class, everyone goes from non-knitter to knitter in just a few hours and, for a few of those knitters, their world changes radically.

Even though I’ve been knitting since I was a teenager (more than 20 years now – gasp!) I still take workshops from time to time myself. Learning from other knitters shows me new ways to think about my knitting, and I often get new ideas about how to teach from those whose workshops I attend. Plus, attending workshops helps me meet other knitters – which is one of my favorite things. I particularly recommend P3 – Plug & Play Pembrokeshire – which offers design-level classes in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

Feel free to get in touch should you have any questions or if you want to suggest a particular class or location.

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